We provide in our studio physiotherapy, massage and individual exercise lessons for adults. Mostly we take care of patients with chronic back pain, after injuries and with neurologic diseases. We help to relieve the patients from acute pain by manual medicine and make therapeutic plan to prevent the problems in future.

We also offer relaxation procedures like hot stone massage or foot reflexology.

Our other specialization is physiotherapy of kids and infants. We do the consultation of motoric development of infants. We also do therapy of weak posture, skoliosis or other motoric problems.

You can find us on the following addresses:
U Roháčových kasáren 1555/10, Praha 10 – Vršovice
Netlucká 200/9, Prague 15 – Dubeč – in the building of kindergarten
The price for one hour physiotherapy is 600 CZK

For more information call Kateřina Kloučková: 775 634 227 or email: